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We offer training services for starting, re-starting or improving a horse’s training level for $850 +HST / month.  Training includes outdoor board.  Owners are encouraged to participate in the training program.   Our approach to training is the combination of Natural Horsemanship and classical Equestrian Sports with the goal of enabling horses and their riders to be physically, emotionally and mentally free and balanced. We work with you to do a full personality assessment of your horse and then customize the training program around you, your horse and your goals.  All of our training programs include extensive groundwork and handling exercises.


We don't believe in the use of artificial tools and aids beyond a stick. Bits are optional, and when used are selected for the comfort and fit of each horse. Nose bands are also optional, and when used are above the bit and loose to allow the horse full movement of its jaw.

Let us help you achieve your goals for partnership and success with your horse!  We will work with you to build a foundation that will last a lifetime.

This video by Karen Rohlf explains the premise on which our training program is based; not just for dressage, but for all equestrian sports.

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