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Equestrian Tai Chi

The Equine-imity Lifemanship Program

@Aisling Ridge...

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Experience Mind-Body Renewal in the Company of Horses...

Programs for Youths 12-18 and Adults

No previous horse or riding experience necessary

Do you suffer from stress-induced headaches, stomach aches or insomnia?

Do you feel a disconnect between your work, family or social life and who you are or wish to be?

Are you looking to reconnect with your mind and body to create balance in your life?

Aisling Ridge Equestrian Centre

The Equine-imity program is about learning and experiencing stress reduction and emotional self-regulation in the company of horses.  There are times in life where the mind and body feels disconnected from one another. This wellness program offers mind-body rejuvenation and reconnection through physical interaction with horses. It provides an approach that uses the wisdom of the body and the intuition, as taught by horses, to create health, wholeness and balance in life.  Horses restore the strength, coordination, grace, flexibility and joy we may lose at times.

Somatic means of the body. Somatic horsemanship is body-mind rejuvenation through physical interaction with horses. In these sessions, you will enjoy body-mind wholeness by spending time with a natural herd and individual horses in a beautiful open space where you will be able to touch, groom, and lead your horse and, optionally, experience the meditation ride. The Equine-imity Lifemanship Program combines the principles of safe, safe, conventional horse handling with techniques from yoga, tai chi, dance, and other somatic healing arts. It includes practices from equine-assisted psycho-spiritual development, natural horsemanship, sports medicine, and nature therapy while not being overly strenuous on the body.

More about Equine-imity

Equine-imity was developed in 2013 and continues to be run by Dr. Beverely Kane at Stanford University.  The program teaches the art of just being and the art of doing slowly and mindfully through the practice of Qigong. Medical Tai Chi-Qigong is used to treat heart disease, diabetes, arthritis pain and mental illness.  It has also proven especially effective in cancer therapy.

Horses understand our energy better than we do

What to Expect:

Equine-imity Lifemanship Programs are group sessions intended for physically-abled* youth (ages 12-18) and adults who wish to become reinvigorated by association with the power, grace, and majesty of the horse.  

The program consists of a 4-phase plan, starting with somatic and mindfulness exercises on the ground and optionally proceeding to mounted work, sitting still and at a walk.

Each program includes a total of 4 sessions; 3 x 1.5hr group sessions, 1 x 2hr group session (with optional riding). 

As a special promotion, we are including a private session valued at $125 for each participant at no extra cost.  (*to be booked separately from the program schedule*)

Program Fee: $325 +HST per participant

Spring Session Dates:

Fridays in June @ 5:00PM

Horse Stall Portrait

 *Significantly disabled persons can more appropriately benefit from therapeutic riding or hippotherapy programs.

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