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Wondering what Natural Boarding is all about?  In Natural Boarding, the horse is allowed constant natural movement in an environment that attempts to closely replicate their native habitat.  Research has shown that horses in the wild  travel more than 40KM per day, and that this movement is equally as important, if not more important, than the horses' diet for maintaining their health and overall well-being.  Our track paddocks are designed to help stimulate movement over varied terrain while allowing horses to stay together in their herd, even in shelter.  Slow feeder hay boxes are used to better simulate the way a horse would use its incisors on coarse grasses in the wild, and are placed around the track, which naturally encourages horses to move as much as possible.  Our horses LOVE our track paddock, pictured to the right.


Standard Board is $500 +HST/month and includes all of the following features:

  • Beautiful, brand new facility

  • Heated viewing room/tack room

  • Heated wash stall

  • 80' x 140' indoor riding arena

  • Outdoor grass ring (sand ring coming)

  • Access to lots of hacking

  • Track paddocks with large shelters

  • Organic hay grown onsite

  • Individual feed programs with a wide variety of whole and organic feed options such as:

    • Genesis Organic Horse Feed

    • Flax

    • Kelp meal

    • Turmeric

    • Apple Cider Vinegar

    • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

    • Diatomaceous Earth

    • (additional supplements fed if provided)

  • Blankets on/off if required

  • Large stalls for short term use as needed                           (12' x 12' & 12' x 14')

    • Before/after lessons

    • Extreme weather conditions or mud

    • Special overnight circumstances

  • Qualified and certified coaches available for lessons (lessons not included in board rate)

Reductions/Extras Available:

  • Outdoor Board with hay only (no additional feed) - $400 +HST

  • Indoor stall overnight - $5 +HST per night


Boarding is open to like-minded horse owners, regardless of discipline.

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