Equestrian Tai Chi

Experience the benefits of Tai Chi  on horseback...

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Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training, its health benefits and meditation.  Tai Chi develops a body that is strong yet supple, balanced and energetic - a mind that is calm and clear, yet creative and dynamic - a spirit that is light and peaceful, yet resilient.

Aisling Ridge Equestrian Centre

Equestrian Tai Chi combines the positive aspects of Tai Chi with the therapeutic aspects of the horse’s natural energy.  Learning Equestrian Tai Chi will help to promote the smooth flow of Chi (internal energy) through your body and help your energy blend with your horse’s energy.

Your dan tiens, the major energy centres of your body, act as a reservoir for storing your internal energy. The energy from your dan tien, especially your lower dan tien, can be used to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. When your energy is abundant, it contributes to your overall vitality, to feeling at ease and comfortable in your body and in your life.
When you practice Equestrian Tai Chi, your Chi also flows through the layers of your energy, your vitality, your emotions, your mind and your spirit.  The mutual energy field of horse and rider that develops benefits both you and your horse, allowing energy to flow from you to your horse and from your horse back to you.
This unified energy field is more powerful than just yours, or just your horses – together, it multiplies the healthy effects and advantages for you both.

**Special for the Month of March**

Join us for an introductory Equestrian Tai Chi class for only $20! 

That's 50% off the regular price!

Horses often understand our energy better than we do

Tai Chi for equestrians does not require you to be an experienced rider, however you must be comfortable around horses and be able to groom, tack up, mount, navigate the horse around at the walk and dismount without assistance.  If you don't have experience with horses, you can take some lessons to acquire these skills before signing up.  Click here to visit our Lesson page.  Please note that we presently have a rider weight limit of 200lbs.

Intro Classes in March:

  • Thursday, March 19 @ 11AM

  • Saturday, March 21 @ 10:30AM


Following the introductory classes in March, Tai Chi classes for equestrians will begin in April and will be offered weekly on a set day/time in blocks of 4 or 8 weeks .

4 classes = $160 +HST

8 classes = $295 +HST

For A Limited Time - Sign up for a block of classes at the end of your intro class and receive 15% off!

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